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I'm Becoming a Member!

Hello Friend!

We are so excited to welcome you to the SNC family! We are looking forward to how God is going to lead you here at SNC! Our vision here at SNC is all about showing the REALOVE of Jesus! By doing that we must  Love God, Love One Another and to Serve our neighbors! 

Becoming a member is simple, but here are a few things to know... In order to become a member you have attended our Growth Track course. You have signed the acknowledgement form that you know what it means to become a member and have given that form to Pastor Johnathon or someone on the ministry team.

During service on Sunday, the church wants to celebrate with you. Pastor Johnathon will have you come on stage to announce your membership. It's literally that simple! 


We know you might have family or friends who might want to celebrate with you! Hold down on the image below and save it to your photos, then share it through texts, messenger or even post on social media to invite others to celebrate with you! 

cs-guess who - member.png
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