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I'm Getting Baptized!

Hello Friend! 

We are most excited for you!!! We are looking forward to your decision to be baptized this Sunday, December 31st! 


What does Baptism mean?

Baptism is the outward act showing what your heart has received. The water indicates the washing away of all your sins, as Jesus has done for your heart and soul.   


Baptism is a visible way to show the inner change in your heart. The water represents the cleansing of sins, just as Jesus cleanses your heart and soul. It's a symbolic act that illustrates the deep spiritual renewal happening within.  

We simply get baptized to show the world that we belong to Jesus!


Things to Know

A few important things to know, bring a change of clothes. We will have a Made New shirt you will wear to be baptized in. You can pick it up before service that morning at The Shop in the Lobby. You will have time to change before being baptized. We will have a towel for you but feel free to bring your own.


We would love for you to invite your family and friends to celebrate with you. Hold down on the image below to save the image. Then share it through texts, messenger or even post on social media to invite others to celebrate with you! 

There will also be a "family zone" on the right side of the stage so they can take pictures and celebrate with you while you get baptized!

cs-guess who - baptized.png
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